The following white papers and reports provide the latest research on digital and blended learning for education leaders, lawmakers and policymakers.

2011 Keeping Pace with K-12 Online Learning: An Annual Review of Policy and Practice
By: John Watson, Amy Murin, Lauren Vashaw, Butch Gemin, Chris Rapp
Evergreen Education Group

National Standards for Quality Online Teaching
By: International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL)

Opportunity at the Top: How America’s Best Teachers Could
Close the Gaps, Raise the Bar, and Keep Our Nation Great
By: Bryan C. Hassel and Emily Ayscue Hassel
Public Impact

Quality Control in K-12 Digital Learning: (Three Imperfect) Approaches
By: Frederick M. Hess

The Rise of K-12 Blended Learning
By: Michael B. Horn and Heather Staker
Innosight Institute 

The Rise of K-12 Blended Learning:
Profiles of Emerging Models
By: Heather Staker
Innosight Institute

The Cost of Online Learning
By: By Tamara Butler Battaglino, Matt Haldeman, and Eleanor Laurans
Thomas B. Fordham Institute 

School Finance in the Digital-Learning Era
By: Paul T. Hill
Center for Reinventing Public Education

Teachers in the Age of Digital Instruction
By: Bryan C. Hassel and Emily Ayscue Hassel
Public Impact

Encouraging Social Innovation Through Capital: Using Technology to Address Barriers
By: Bryan Hassel, Julie Petersen and Kim Smith
Bellwether Education Partners

Levereging Technology to Close the Achievement Gap: A Critical Peer Survey
By: Julie Evans
Project Tomorrow

The New Math for Justifying Online Learning
By: Project Tomorrow and Blackboard K-12

Education Reform for the Digital Era
By: Bryan C. Hassel , Emily Ayscue Hassel , Frederick M. Hess , Tamara Butler Battaglino , Matt Haldeman , Eleanor Laurans , Paul T. Hill , John E. Chubb
Thomas B. Fordham Institute